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What is Scratchpad?

The Scratchpad Accelerator is a seed accelerator that helps startups explore, pivot, and grow their companies within 

...six months fast!


They get daily access to business coaches, problem-solvers, and mentors.  And, at the end, they get a chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors (after we teach them how)!  


In the fall of 2015, to build on the entrepreneurial energy across the state, Scratchpad Accelerator was offered to support four high potential, investment oriented companies to explore, pivot and grow using an economic development model.  To date, those companies that took place in 2015 have hit key milestones including raising over 1 million dollars, becoming profitable and tripling the number of customers served.  In order to support this effort going forward, the managing director, Jason Harkins, and program manager, Lisa Liberatore, are raising a venture fund to partner with the accelerator and invest in Maine startups.

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