We have edited videos underway, but in the meantime, you can watch

the Demo Day presentations in this recording of our live stream. The program starts at 48:15:

Demo Day 2015

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Introduction by Jason Harkins

Scratchpad Managing Director


Comments from Jeff Spaulding, Eaton Peabody

Demo Day Exclusive Sponsor


Clayton Kyle, CEO of CLYNK

Featured Speaker


Pitch 1: Brian Rahill and Matt James



Pitch 2: Dan Kerluke

DoubleBlue Sports Analytics


Comments from Brian Whitney, President of MTI

Scratchpad Partner


Comments from Jake Ward, UMaine Vice President for Innovation and Economic Development

Scratchpad Partner


Pitch 3: Andrew Katon

L&K Manufacturing


Pitch 4: Spencer Wood

Tip Whip


Closing comments

Jason Harkins