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Justin Hafner 

Justin Hafner, CEO & Co-Founder

David Holomakoff, COO & Co-Founder

Jonathan Gagnon, CPS & Co-Founder

David Holomakoff
Jon Headshot.jpeg
Jonathan Gagnon

KinoTek is an innovative software utilizing Virtual Reality and Motion Capture Technology to change the way human movement analysis is approached and applied. We are taking complex biomechanics data and simplifying the information to provide a simple visual representation. Our software is proven to increase the retention of skills, decrease the chance of injury, and improve overall athletic output. KinoTek is governed by a sense of identity and commitment to the state of Maine and its communities, a passion for learning and growing with new information and technology, and an obligation to do things that matter to us, to our users, and to anyone else that we can impact on our journey.

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