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Lobster Unlimited

Catherine Billings
Dr. Robert C Bayer
Matthew Hodgkin

Catherine Billings, CEO

Dr. Robert C. Bayer, CSO

Matthew Hodgkin, Chief Innovation Officer

Patrick Breeding, Project Manager

Amber Boutiette, Head of Product

Lobster Unlimited’s mission is to create innovative value-added products from lobster processing waste byproducts. We see lobster processing byproducts as a sustainable platform resource; with an abundance of applications in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, biomaterials, consumer materials, cosmetics, food and nutrition industries. We have identified a protein found in lobsters to possess anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties, and are developing a line of skincare products using it as the functional ingredient to restore damaged, inflamed skin caused by eczema. Our long-term vision is to create commercial applications for such fishery processing byproducts, to add value throughout the value chain from lobsterman, to dealer, processor and biotech; building products that better the health of humanity and fuel Maine’s economy.

Patrick Breeding
Amber Boutiette
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