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Be a Mentor!

The Scratchpad Accelerator is adding more supporters to its growing network.  Our pool of mentors continues to grow with your help!


As a mentor, you receive:

  • Invitations to monthly mentor events

  • Acknowledgement on our website

  • Access to emerging startup companies



There are many ways you can help:


As a Coffee Mentor, you offer occasional, caffeinated assistance.  We leverage your expertise by reaching out on an as-needed basis.  You help companies work to overcome a specific challenge through a coffee meeting, Skype or Google Hangout call, or by leveraging your personal network and making a connection.

Our Latté Mentors are willing to make a (minimum) one-day commitment to the Scratchpad Accelerator by traveling to Bangor to give a talk/offer a workshop/teach a skill, join the teams for lunch, and hold one-on-one office hours with each company.


Our Espresso Mentors kick it up a notch! You essentially take a company under your wing for the duration of the accelerator and offer weekly coaching and guidance.  You meet with companies in-person once a month (minimum); in-between meetings can be held by phone or Skype/Google Hangout.

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