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Listen in: A podcast with more info!

If you read yesterday's post (This thing is for real!) you may remember that I mentioned that we lined up a chance to share our exciting news on the radio.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Don Cookson, the host of The Pulse Morning Radio Show on 620 AM, for getting us on the air on very short notice (thank you, Don)! Jason called in from Kansas City, I was in the studio, and Jesse is still on vacation.

It felt great to disclose our vision for the accelerator, like exhaling air in our lungs after holding our breaths for so long! Finally, we could share the news about the Scratchpad accelerator with the world at large.

Don't worry if you missed the live show, you can listen to the podcast. You'll learn about the accelerator start date (August 31), the types of support entrepreneurs will get for three months (like funding, mentors, daily coaching), what we expect out of entrepreneurs who are accepted (110%), and much, much more. It was a jammed-packed 20 minutes that lays out what this thing looks like! Listen in and get as excited as we are!

P.S. See that panel of buttons on the screen near my microphone? They had fun labels like "Crickets," "Clapping," and "Horn." It would have been fun to create my own little radio show over on my side of the studio. I used great restraint to stay focused!

P.P.S. Don't forget to listen now!

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