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3 days left to apply! What's in it for you?

It's been a while since we've posted an update, but it's not because things haven't been happening! The truth is that the Scratchpad team is working so fast, furious, and focused that it's been a challenge to stop and tell the world about it.

The biggest announcement we want to shout from the rooftops is that the application deadline is just 3 days away! There's a lot on the table for accelerator if you've been on the fence, let me recap why you should apply:

Why you should apply to the Scratchpad Accelerator:

  • You could get up to $25,000 grant from the Maine Technology Institute in exchange for nada; ie, zero equity.

  • You pay no fee to participate. Your "cost" is a commitment to focus on your startup and live in the Bangor area for three months.

  • We'll connect you with mentors. We have an extensive list of experienced mentors ready to help you with critical business concerns such as intellectual property, team composition, capital, manufacturing, and customer development

  • There are perks! We're compiling a list of preferred providers and freebies for your and your free access to Microsoft's BizSpark program that provides free software, cloud storage, and technical support.

  • We provide a stellar office environment that includes office space, furniture, high-speed internet access, meeting rooms, a shared private office, printers, and a kitchenette. It is in close proximity to coffee shops, a library, restaurants, bars, and retail stores.

  • We'll teach you how to pitch your company. You'll get extensive training and feedback on how to position your company to investors. You'll get a chance to iterate, improve, and polish your pitch over time.

  • At the end of the accelerator, you'll have an opportunity to pitch to investors at Demo Day for follow-on funding!

I encourage you to take the leap and fill out the application, which is just five short questions! Interviews will be scheduled for next week.

Apply Now!

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