Week 1: building trust

This was an exciting week in Scratchpad Land...the accelerator entrepreneurs were oriented, on-boarded, in-taked, and possibly, a little overwhelmed (at least just at first).

It was a week of transitions and "get to know yous." The entrepreneurs transitioned from working in their own workplaces to working at the Scratchpad offices; the Scratchpad team transitioned from working with each other to working with the startups. And of course, everyone had to get to know each other. To get started, we set out for some team-building.

What started with a name-exchanging exercise ended up with a climbing-over-one-another exercise. ("Line up in order of birthday. Without speaking. On a log.") It sounds weird, but it was fun and everyone smiled and laughed and were friends by the end. And that was the whole point.

Generally speaking, we all tend to be guarded when we're thrown together in situations with other people we don't know. But in order for the accelerator to succeed, all the "players" have to trust each other: the entrepreneurs have to trust that we're here to help them (we've got their backs). The Scratchpad team has to trust the entrepreneurs: are they doing what they say they're going to do? And the entrepreneurs have to trust each other for camaraderie, support, and exchanging ideas.

This was a week to start building that trust.

Trust doesn't happen overnight. Trust doesn't happen just because you want it to. It has to be offered and it has to be earned. As all the players in Scratchpad took a tentative step forward, trust began to form among the group. Undoubtedly, there's more to come. This week was a great start.

How can you build trust in the workplace? Check out these articles for tips:

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