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How to Find the Perfect Employees for Your Startup

A company is only as great as its best employees. And with today’s increasingly competitive job markets, how can a startup attract the perfect employees? With an unemployment rate below 3% in some states, the US labor market shortage is relatively stark across the country. In addition to young adults migrating to bigger cities for jobs, there aren’t enough workers and professionals compared to the number of available jobs. This has meant that startups are facing an increasing challenge to find top candidates. Great employees are attracted to companies for the same reason consumers are drawn to brands—it provides value and is aligned to their needs and ethos. In this article, we will outline the most effective ways to attract the perfect employees to your startup.

Establish an Engaging Mission & Vision

If you want to attract employees who are the best fit for your company you need to engage them with your brand’s vision. Company culture should stem from your values and provide a clear image of how future employees will fit in with your company. To do this, you have to visibly demonstrate these values in your recruitment campaigns. This will allow candidates to resonate with your goals and mission, and hopefully lead them to choose your company as a potential career option.

Prioritize a Digital Presence

A strong digital presence is needed to attract employees. This is because job seekers today are more likely to look up your website and social media first before sending their resume. With most applicants also searching for jobs through Google, to improve the chance of a potential employee finding your startup online, your business needs to be as visible as possible. Ayima’s Kickstart package for startups explains how Google’s algorithms often reward large brands with “large amounts of link equity”. This means your startup’s website should have lots of optimized content to increase its online ranking. A good digital marketing strategy will not only make your startup more visible; it will tell potential candidates that your business can compete in the digital world.

Learn How to Network In addition, networking is another great way to find great employees. Most states have startup support organizations where employers can meet potential hires. Events and conferences pertinent to the product or service your startup renders is also a good place to go. Having tangible relations with other startups, investors, and advisors also helps, as they can recommend potential employees.

Fair Compensation

If you want the best employees, you must have competitive salaries and compensation packages. A feature by Biz Journal points out that not all incentives are equal. Favor your remuneration schemes towards attracting desired behaviors. For example, commission-based incentives for certain shifts can attract employees who are productive and willing to work during less-desirable times. Especially for startups, there are a ton of package options you can work with to attract invested employees who are capable of taking your business forward. Bonuses for safety, profit sharing, or even stock options are some remuneration schemes you can explore.

Consider remote workers

It’s a fact that the skills your company needs might not be available locally, especially if your startup is not based in a city. Opening positions to remote workers is a great way to reach a wide pool of talent. With the advance in communications and productivity technology, it’s more than possible to have even your core functions done over the internet. Much like finding a co-founder and other C-suites for your startup, looking for the perfect employees take work. Invest in promoting a positive workforce to attract the best candidates. In today’s saturated job market, the top talent can afford to choose.

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By Jendie Bree

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